What Makes SEO Company in India Different from Ordinary SEO Companies?

Creating a website is of no use until and unless the online presence is felt by the visitors which is only possible through search engine optimization (SEO). But hiring any SEO service won’t help you to rank good on search engines like Google. You need to hire the services of a company with skilled experts who have the most updated knowledge in this field. One example of such excellent services is the services provided by SEO Company in India which has earned a global name because of its efficiency and optimized results. Ever wondered about the reason behind their success and what makes them different from the other SEO companies? The answer is that they do not blindly follow all the SEO myths but they analyze what will give good results and what will not.

An SEO expert in India denies the fact that all the Meta tags used are equally important. They feel that search engines are depending more on the website than what the tags denote. Not all search engines use the description tag. Also the keyword tags are used by spammers and those who use software to find you as a link partner than the search engines. The experts of SEO in India believe that efforts should be laid on the robot tag and the description tags.

The Indian SEO experts believe that the idea of submitting your site to search engines on weekly or monthly basis is not good. They feel that submitting the site just once is enough as the engines will come back on their own. They rather believe in speeding up the process of getting your site indexed by linking your site to a high traffic or high PR site.

Another fact that they deny is that PPC is more effective than natural SEO. Though they find it true in the short term cases, they don’t support this in long term ones. They also have sufficient reasons to prove this. Organic SEO is more opted by traffic over 5 to 1 to PPC. Organic searches are trustworthy for people seeking best results. People very well know that the ads that are on the right side of the page are sponsored ads. Also that anyone can bid on any term desired, as often done by many, without a pinch of relevance. Therefore for such traffic, long term SEO structuring proves to be more effective than PPC.

If you visit an SEO consultant in India, he will tell you that one can and should optimize every page on your site. Being an expert he knows that there should be different key terms for different pages, with each page not having more than three phrases. Also he believes that off site SEO as well as onsite SEO is required if you wish your site t rank good on Google. The Keyword density might be helpful on MSN but takes more than that to rank well for all search engines.

Thus, it’s their experience and capacity to analyze the right techniques that makes SEO company in India different from the ordinary SEO companies.

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